Privacy Policy

LitCity’s Privacy Policy

LitCity protects personal data obtained from its stakeholders appropriately in accordance with the following basic policies.

Our Information Protection Policy

  1. LitCity strictly observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and relevant laws, guidelines established by the government and other regulations.
  2. LitCity utilizes personal data within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers, and takes measures not to be used beyond the scope.
  3. LitCity does not disclose or provide personal data provided by customers to third parties except with the consent of the customer from whom the personal data was obtained or when there is a legitimate reason.
  4. . LitCity complies with the following requests from customers without delay concerning the customer’s personal data held by LitCity : 1) Request for disclosure; 2) Request for correction; 3) Request for deletion. Please contact us for more information.
  5. While maintaining the accuracy and up-to-datedness of personal data, LitCity strives to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the leakage, loss, or damage of personal data and continually enhances and remediates information security management.
  6. LitCity continuously strengthens and improves its organizational management of sensitive data through relevant regulations, internal audits, and employees training scheme.


The contents of this website may be altered or deleted and the operation may be suspended or discontinued at any time without any prior notice. The contents of this website may not be up to date. LitCity shall not be liable for any damage incurred for any reason through understanding and decision that you may make based on the information on this website. LitCity is not responsible for any damage incurred, with respect to the third parties’ websites linked to or from this website, including personal data protection matter. Those websites are administered by such third parties at their own responsibility.


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